Proverbs 31:15 - She Manages Well (Part 2)

“...and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens.”
~Proverbs 31:15

As we discussed in the previous lesson (Proverbs 31:14), a biblically submissive woman realizes her first ministry, that is, service is to her immediate family.

Today, there are too many well-meaning women who are so busy with “ministry” outside the home, that they have not time for ministry within their home. While volunteering at church or other non-profit organizations are “good”, they can actually become “bad” when they cause friction and/or neglect to your family.

There are times we can’t always make a nice hot breakfast, homemade lunch or dinner for our family members, but those times should be rare unless you’re required to work outside the home. If you practice self-control, knowing how much sleep you need to be effective and efficient the next day, go to bed early to rise early and keep your priorities straight (God first, husband second, children third, ministry to other Christians, work, etc.). If you do this, fulfilling Proverbs 31:15 will be a joy rather than a burden to you.

“For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome. For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?”
~1 John 5:3-5

Knowing your first ministry is to your husband and children, diligently seek to serve God with the first portions of all you have, the second portions to your family, and the last portions to others. Protect your time with your husband and children and through your words and deeds let your family always know that they are your priority, just as God has established.

A biblically submissive wife both desires and knows when to serve others and when to delegate tasks to those in subordinate positions, so that her household is managed with excellence, as unto the Lord Jesus.

This woman is humble and wise. She knows what she has is from the her Heavenly Father and she commends all things to Him, realizing she is no one’s Savior. She continues to proclaim through her life and words, that Christ Jesus alone holds that superior position. In embracing this truth, she doesn’t work herself to the bone in efforts to “save” everyone from their troubles with attempts to be everything to everyone. Rather, she prays earnestly that God lead her to help those He has willed and to delegate help to others as the Lord leads.

Much like what happened with the apostles in Acts 6:1-7, during the first ordination of lay leaders within the church, a Proverbs 31 woman, wisely recognizes when there is a valid need, and when God has not called her to fulfill that need, but to delegate it to others who have been well-gifted and equipped by God to serve in that capacity.

Biblical Perspective, Practically Applied: 
  1. Meditate on and memorize Proverbs 31:15 and 1 Thessalonians 4:11 during your praise and quiet time and throughout the day. 
  2. Then serve your husband and children a nice hot breakfast (i.e., eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, breakfast sandwiches or burritos, waffles, pancakes, etc.) or a cold one if that's their preference i.e., cereal, fruit smoothies, fruit and yogurt, etc.) Make their lunches with encouraging and loving notes for your husband and kids (I did this for my children until they were in the 7th. grade - now it's on a "as requested" basis).

"And the world is passing away along with its desires,
but whoever does the will of God abides forever."
~1 John 2:17, ESV